Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It Takes Two Hands to Handle a Whopper

Of course we're not through (re-) reading our favorite piece of holiday literature, the Neiman Marcus Christmas book. And you thought Style Snatcher was strictly intellectual. Indeed, we have our moments with trendy topical fiction, but some things just give us a long pause for reflection elsewhere.

The first scholarly thought that came to mind upon seeing NM's Swami Conversational Robot was...Burger King. The next thought was, Whuh? Aside from the obvious familial relation to the dancing fast-food icon, we're relieved to see that artificial intelligence is being used intelligently. Because it could have been used for launching guided missile systems and other non-festive robotic Christmas gifts, and that would be a bit redundant, wouldn't it? Style Snatcher applauds Neiman Marcus for proving that there is still reason to rejoice in your fellow man.

We're thinking that at $75,000. this isn't quite a stocking stuffer, and certainly a disembodied talking head might make the wee ones pee their Pampers, but Style Snatcher applauds the sheer audacity. Always keep one step ahead of the game.

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