Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jazz Babies

John Galliano knows from things Japonais, and his spring 2008 couture collection proves the designer is no stranger things literary either; his latest catwalk sensation is a romantic turn around the greatest hits of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Consider this dropped-waist flapper dress, and then consider the color. Orange! We haven't seen orange in years, and we certainly haven't seen it for spring. This fiery hue is usually set against autumn's leaves, but Galliano--on a winning streak after his oriental reiteration of the New Look--sends this color down the runway without any sense of seasonal displacement. The dress, and indeed the whole spring collection, has the strongest narrative line in a season with strong historically narrative statements. When he's at the top of his game, no one narrates better than Galliano. The twenties are back, baby, with a vengeance!

Style Snatcher would kill for some boy hips.

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