Saturday, December 19, 2009


Fellow Artists,

Many of you have questions about CRA-proposed changes to the Gainesville Bo Diddley Community Plaza. The Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has just revealed a conceptual drawing for the Plaza that would eliminate the current stage and bandshell (including the bathrooms) as well as flatten the audience area levels and raise the whole Plaza to street level. For concerts and other performances they propose to “integrate platform for temporary bandstand into design of the park”. We believe that this will be detrimental to the City’s “Free Fridays,” the Farmers' Market and to other concerts/events as well as the many wonderful citizen-produced events. The "Plaza footprint," i. e. the lawn space for audience seating, would be greatly reduced. It seems to be CRA’s opinion that the primary purpose of the Plaza should be changed from a performing arts facility to a retail “urban market” (their term). Please spread the word and let your opinions be heard by City government. This is just in its initial stages and your input can have an effect in shaping this project!

Below is contact info for our City Commission. You may also visit the City Commision Web page at:

On their webpage you can get direct email addresses for the Mayor and Commissioners by clicking on their pictures.

Below is general info for contacting the Commission as a body.

City Hall. Address:
200 E. University Ave.
Gainesville, FL


Mail Box:
PO Box 490, Station 19

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wendy said...

Thanks for sharing contact info for the commission, making it easy for us to voice our opposition!