Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Late to the Party, Underdressed

The lovely Heather of Tango Pirates and Absinthe tagged me with a Thinking Blogger Award
the other day. How fabulous, I thought, and didn't realize I was supposed to do anything myself (the story of my life). Heather's singling me out was a wonderful surprise considering my very brief run in the blogging world and I'm happy to say that Tango Pirates is one of my favorites.

And now I think I'm supposed to tag others. Since Heather's already been tagged by another (we can't all tag Heather, can we?) I'm going to pass the tag to the following, taking into account a couple of blogs that I think will benefit from the award's increase in traffic:

Liberty London Girl: Certain blogs allow you to live vicariously, but you don't always see yourself in the blogger. Liberty London Girl is like the prettiest girl in school, whose adventures you follow long after graduation. In this case, she's grown up and moved to Manhattan, where she plays, works, dates, and displays her fabulous fashion sense. LLG is more journal than blog, skewed more to lifestyle than pure fashion. Refreshingly unlike Carrie Bradshaw, derivative of nothing, fun, and charming.

Mode et Utopie: Riz is pursuing a PhD in philosophy. Riz beats the heck out of us all as a thinker. We are not worthy! I bow before the thought-provoking essays on Mode et Utopie and am grateful not to be the only style blogger who gets down and dirty with Satre.

The Sunday Best: I found this blog by checking my sitemeter. Sunday Best had linked to me and I had no idea who he was. SB is written by Thom Wong, whom I have not properly introduced myself to. Tell you what, though, he's a writer and he's a damn fine one. I've made the odd idiotic comment on his blog. SB knows how to organize and present a blog (a skill I lack and admire). He's new to the game, like I am, so check him out.

Sometimes I wish I were a young, uni-going British girl and not a jaded, tentatively employed American woman. Step into the Flying Saucer and find out why. She's even made me nostalgic for Birmingham's Bull Ring Shopping Centre, a place where I overdosed on five pounds of green curry.

Bobble Bee! Patricia is an amazing woman who seems to have eight octopus arms that reach into every corner of the fashion world. How many people do you know who are both a stylist and a magazine publisher? None? Now you do.


WendyB said...

I'm going to check out Sunday Best. I already love all the other blogs!

Bobble Bee said...

Gracias guapa :)
You deserve the same award a thousand times!

Libertygirl said...

Oh goodness, gracious me! What a cornucopia of charming compliments. I am still blushing. And thank you for getting me: the way in which you have described my blog is exactly what I had hoped to achieve when I first started writing it. Not a high fashion guide: far too many of those, done both well & badly, exist already, but just a blog that reflected all the various things in which I am interested. Bless you poppet for letting me think I may have achieved that! LLG xx

Suzanna Mars said...

BB and LG, you deserve all the recognition you get! I've so enjoyed being part of your blogs that I wanted to recognize that publicly.

riz said...

Golly, I really have to check these blog out, they sound awesome. Thank you for nominating my humble blog, though the feeling is mutual as you well know...