Sunday, December 9, 2007

Une Bougie and Un Book

I am well aware of the power of the last-minute gift. The last-minute gift is a political juggernaut that can make or break careers, destroy reputations, wreck a love affair, or forge life-long alliances.

The selection of such gifts can be fraughter, especially when selecting for the urbane male .

Here, two things I am giving this holiday season, multiply:

Aedes de Venustas-exclusive L'Artisan Parfumeur bougie, scented with Japanese incense, strawflower, leather, balsam, and musk. This is not a girly candle. It broods incongruously with
muscularity and Zen. The burgundy color and introspective, pelt-like undertones make it a distinctive gift for men with libraries, as is...

The Letters of Noël Coward
, no explanation necessary. Indispensable for anyone needing a a lesson in the quip. "I'll go t
hrough life either first class or third, but never in second." Bitchy, brittle, arch, arcane, and those are just the B's and the A's.

Two gifts: A book of letters from a high intellect and an intellectual candle. Sublime alone; together, they are nearly devastating.

L'Artisan candle, $65.00 at Aedes de Venustas
The Letters of Noel Coward,


riz said...

Ha, funny I just read this book review in the NYT yesterday...

Suzanna Mars said...

Yes, and I have my copy just here..big old thing, the man was prolific, just as we like it.