Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wave on Wave

Never heard of Pascal Mourgue? It's all right, chickies, that's what your friend Style Snatcher is for. Pascal Mourgue is a très chic artsy furniture designer with a background in sculpture. This means that he knows how to mold your behind to the cushion.

Is furniture art? This is a popular debate, and we think the matter is settled here once and for all. Mourgue's Downtown chair is a riff on the popular, post-Atomic Scandinavian "wave" style that was the height of cool way back in the hip sixties. Before you were born that is, but we can catch you up quickly.

Our fabulous pièd-a-terre with its twinkly view of city lights was held in suspense while we trolled the best of the Net for a showstopping way to rest our tired little feet. You say it's all in a day's work, but how much better can a day be when it winds up reclined like this? Ah, civilization.

The only thing missing is a butler bearing grapes...

The Downtown chaise is available at Linea, 8843-49 Beverly Boulevard, Los Angeles

Image courtesy of Linea.

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