Friday, November 23, 2007

Mouth of the Moment: Deep Cyclamen

The mouth of the month, or at least the mouth of the moment, is deep cyclamen. We wear this with a nude eye. We mean nude-naked, not nude beige. Deep red mouth, spare blush, that stripped eye. Although otherwise tempting, skip the black eyeliner. You are not Dita Von Teese. There has been too much of Dita Von Teese lately and you wouldn't want to be derivative. Derivative is deadly. Keep that festive thought in mind this holiday season.

Big Mama of all deep cyclamen lippies is Lancome's PS Kiss (far right), a limited-edition tube you apply as either a stain, a bite, or a fully committed canvas. Other fab tubes are Dior Rouge in Devilish Pink and Nars blood-on-her-hands Scarlett Empress.

Nini Ong silk scarf wrap, $215.00, at Barney's.

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