Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fuch(sia) you!

Fuchsia has always been a more protean color than it is given credit for. Wrongly exiled into pigment Siberia along with electric blue and chartreuse, fuchsia is poised to make a bold

comeback. A little dash of fuchsia is wonderful as an accessory, but it begs the question: What is fuchsia, exactly?

Our friends at Bergdorf Goodman have roped off a special fuchsia section that muddies the waters even farther. Many of the featured shoes, handbags, and belts are slyly nudged into fuschia nomenclature; witness an electric cyclaman Prada sandal, a violet Dior bag, a salmon clutch, and Dorothy's ruby red stilettos.

The best item in the collection is the Stella McCartney pump (below). The shoe is the same color as a Dior jacket Style Snatcher purchased in 1991 and very nearly the color of one of our all-time favorite lipsticks, Christian Dior 475 Tibet. The very fact that Tibet is still being manufactured tells us that fuchsia has never been far from the playing field. In the case of the pump, the color is the best rendition of fuchsia we've seen, but the shoe's forward platform lends the overall design the air of one of those kitschy high-heel shoe chairs you can pair with a molar stool. They claim this type of furniture fits into any decor, but don't believe them. Keep the shoes where they belong, on the pavement, and keep the teeth for biting.

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