Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Diamond Dogs

Although I can't imagine my dog Brutus el Negro wearing a version fit for a pre-Bolshevik Empress, he might not notice that this somewhat less showy diamond lavalière dog collar is likewise fit for female canine royalty.

I read somewhere about a photoshoot involving a pug and a diamond necklace. While the camera was being set up, the petit chien hopped off his perch and wandered out of the studio and down Sunset Boulevard adorned in a million dollars' worth of canary diamonds. No one noticed as the dog strolled down the street of dreams, presumably in search of his own.

The handler caught up to the dog in the vicinity of the old Schwab's drugstore, where the burn of lost hope emanates as a silvery halogen cloud from this alien California planet.

The Jeune Chèri collar/necklace above was inspired by "the young energy and sweet warmth of puppies." I can attest to both of these qualities in Brutus, each equal to the other (she says as he sits at her feet and chews the heel of her shoe).

Come to think of it, perhaps this item would work for the male puppy after all, considering the macho crocodile used in the remainder of the collar.

Link: I Love Dogs Diamonds, Jeune Chèri necklace, $280,000.

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