Saturday, November 17, 2007

Brush Up Your Street French

I wasn't born with a golden décolleté*. Quel dommage, I am one of the unfortunates. My décolleté is a perfectly dull flesh tone, which means that it doesn't catch light, stop men in their tracks, or act as a missile deflector.

I need more than a drop of perfume in my cleavage. Thanks to push-up bras and water-filled cutlets, I am in more desperate shape than ever. Two perfectly globe-shaped breasts, B-cup, with no reflective properties whatsoever, unlike, say, those of Parisian women.

Style Snatcher was lucky enough to be on the main floor of Saks the day the Guerlain Forever Gold Radiant Powder hit the counters; it has since been atomized onto our hair, our chest, and various other strategic locations.

Radiant Powder is a high-tech product in a neo-retro package. As is expected with Guerlain, the shimmer is milled into a glow. In low, evening lighting, the powder is as incandescent as a firefly.

This is limited-edition décolleté enhancement; as with the very best holiday products it has sold out everywhere. My only advice to you is to mark your calendars for next October and understand that Guerlain is without peer in producing the ultimate in life's little limited editions.

*Also wasn't born with the cutesy abbreviation dé.

Sold out: Guerlain Forever Gold Radiant Powder

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